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I tend to work a lot. To keep myself accountable, I needed a simple tool to track my hours. An app that I could check to see if I could stop early for a day.

I explored various other time trackers, but they weren't a match. I don't care about "teams", to-dos, or having my manager access my data. And I certainly don't want to install software on my devices. I just want to hit a "start" button and get to work — something simple.

And so, Timeretain was born. I've indie-built it in my free time. In cafes, libraries, and at home. It's ironic that I've spent even more hours behind a screen to prevent me from doing that in the first place. :)

So, here it is, in beta. I hope that it will be as useful to you as it has been to me. Your feedback is very welcome at hi@timeretain.com.

For frequently asked questions, visit the FAQ.