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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything?
No. Timeretain is a web application, a simple website. It works on your computer and on your phone with no set up.
Is there a browser extension?
No, but there might be an optional one in the future. For now: Timeretain opens so fast that a bookmark will be just as speedy as clicking on an extension.
Can I export my data?
Yes! We make this super easy using the "export" button, visible across the app next to the filter at the top. Exports are CSV files, which can be opened by Excel and Google Sheets. For an example, click here.
Can I multitask?
Yes, you can start as many stopwatches as you like. For example, if you're working on two distinct projects at the same time, you can run two stopwatches in parallel. There's no limit to this.
What is the "subtract" feature?
A common use case for Timeretain is tracking an entire day: simply start a stopwatch and get to work. The subtract feature allows you to subtract minutes from such entries, for example to discount lunch from your hours worked that day. This feature is disabled by default. You can enable it in settings.
Can I track billable hours using Timeretain?
Yes, you can do so using tags. For example, if you work in a project-based fashion, add a tag for each project you want to report on. You can later filter by tag and export filtered entries. Note that by default Timeretain's stats will show your real hours. That means that if two stopwatches overlap, Timeretain will show the time you spent in real life rather than adding hours together as-is. For tracking billable hours, it makes sense to disable this feature in settings.
Where can I leave feedback?
hi@timeretain.com — your feedback is most welcome.